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We work to make sure that the UK remains competitive in the race to create a cleaner tomorrow. Every project we support anchors and grows the UK’s capabilities through the research, development and production of low-carbon automotive technologies and processes.

Find out about some of the cutting-edge, low-carbon, propulsion innovations that we’re supporting.

Automotive Transformation Fund Scale-up Readiness Validation (SuRV)

22 projects, comprising 35 UK-based companies and research organisations, received £2 million each through the APC’s Scale-up Readiness Validation (SuRV) competition. 

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OX Delivers – CLEAN

OX will optimise its electric OX truck, by developing energy dense, long-life, lower cost batteries, electronic drive units and a lightweight structure suitable for tough off-road conditions.

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Norton Motorcycles – Project Zero Emission Norton

Norton will lead the ride towards electrification of two-wheels, developing a motorcycle that will simultaneously deliver race performance and touring range.

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ATF Feasibility Study 3 Winners

The winners from the second Automotive Transformation Fund Feasibility Study Competition (FS3) received a share of £9.4 million in public funding. Find out about each of the feasibility studies.

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Shield Engineering Ltd – e-MOTIF

This collaborative project will establish three new UK manufacturing/technical centres capable of pilot volume manufacture and anchoring technologies for near-term hybridised ICE/BEV vehicles in the UK.

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Saietta – Axial Flux Motor Productionisation

This funded project will focus on optimising the manufacturing process of a unique range of electric propulsion motors for electric vehicles and developing e-motor manufacturing capability at scale in the UK.

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Jaguar Land Rover – PERSEUS

Jaguar Land Rover led a research project to investigate, and develop strategies and capability to convert internal combustion engine manufacturing facilities to also make electric drive units for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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REE – REEcorner™

The funded project will develop and manufacture a scalable and cost-effective approach for the assembly technology of REEcorners™ for use in in electric and autonomous vehicles such as e-LCVs and Mobility-as-a-Service Applications.

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Cummins – Brunel

Cummins is leading a consortium of ICE sub-system suppliers in a collaborative funded project set to increase UK self-reliance in the emerging hydrogen economy.

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Sprint Power – CELERITAS

This project aims to develop an ultra-fast charging battery and pack for electric and fuel cell hybrid vehicles to address consumer concerns over charge time.

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