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We work to make sure that the UK remains competitive in the race to create a cleaner tomorrow. Every project we support anchors and grows the UK’s capabilities through the research, development and production of low-carbon automotive technologies and processes.

Find out about some of the cutting-edge, low-carbon, propulsion innovations that we’re supporting.

Shape Machining – ShapeTex

The ShapeTex project is developing a new production process which allows existing carbon composite materials to be used in new applications which previously haven’t been possible.

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Intelligent Power Generation

The Intelligent Power Generation project will develop a high-efficiency gas-fired micro-turbine - achieving a 50% fuel saving for the same energy output.

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Enigma – Rotary Piston Engine

This project will see the development of a high power hybrid transmission system that is three-times smaller and five-times lighter than an equivalent capacity V8 engine.

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Transfiniti – Infinitely Variable Transmission

This project saw the development of a novel transmission system 13 Infinitely Variable Transmission which combines functions of gearbox, clutch and more, allowing for a massive reduction in components.

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Stalcom Automotive Technologies Ltd

This project will develop innovative design and assembly techniques for mixed material lightweight structures and aims to reduce vehicle weight, plus increase adoption of recyclable and sustainable materials.

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Brill Power

This project is addressing the problem of battery ageing and degradation in large battery applications, by reducing the battery size and weight to help with packaging and range issues in EVs.

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Reaction Engines

This project aims to improve overall EV battery life by maintaining a constant temperature across the entire pack.

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Immaterial is working to commercialise a class of porous nanomaterials to absorb gas for different vehicle classes.

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This project developed a new generation of EV battery sensors which aim to make a fundamental difference in key aspects of battery testing and manufacture.

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Silver Power Systems

This project is developing an innovative communications and analytics platform to allow data collection and monitoring from EV sub systems.

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