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We work to make sure that the UK remains competitive in the race to create a cleaner tomorrow. Every project we support anchors and grows the UK’s capabilities through the research, development and production of low-carbon automotive technologies and processes.

Find out about some of the cutting-edge, low-carbon, propulsion innovations that we’re supporting.

Williams Advanced Engineering – H1PERBAT

This project takes an integrated full lifecycle approach to remove constraints on capacity, energy density and thermal management of EV batteries at a module and system level. The novel pilot facility will anchor unique UK capability in module and system-level R&D.

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Nissan – HEDB

Through its APC project with Nissan, UK SME, Hyperdrive has become the first company to get access to Nissan’s high-energy density EV battery cells. This has opened up markets in electric vehicle and static energy storage battery packs.

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Ford – T-REX

This project saw the development and manufacturing of a plug-in hybrid electric Ford Transit Custom Van, including trials with the Metropolitan Police & British Gas.

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Unipart Powertrain Solutions – H1perChain

This project is targeting a step change in cost and readiness for flexible series production of high-performance electric vehicle batteries, through the creation of a robust framework to drive cost reductions, from component to full-system, across the supply chain.

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Caterpillar – TASER

A key objective for this project was to trigger innovative business transformation across Caterpillar UK and will deliver the first electrified Caterpillar vehicle.

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Danfoss Scotland – DDISPLACE

Introducing a market-disrupting technology called ‘Digital Displacement’ – a re-invention of how hydraulic fluid power is created and controlled.

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Ford – E:PRiME

The E-PRIME project, led by Ford’s UK-based Global Manufacturing Engineering team, has the vision to create unique capabilities for ultra-high volume manufacture of next-generation powertrains and the consortium will develop new processes and test them at rate while integrating new manufacturing concepts based on Industry 4.0.

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GKN – ACeDrive

Through this project, GKN’s advanced eDrive technologies will be developed in it’s UK Innovation Centre, based in Abingdon. This will further grow UK capability in the design and manufacture of eMachines and Power electronics.

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Jaguar Land Rover – VIRBIUS

This project will allow Jaguar Land Rover to achieve critical breakthroughs in the next generation of technology, through the development of state-of-art electric hybrid systems.

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Westfield – ADAPT

This project will work to develop skills in this sector, strengthening the UK supply chain and assisting SMEs to move in to new markets.

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