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We work to make sure that the UK remains competitive in the race to create a cleaner tomorrow. Every project we support anchors and grows the UK’s capabilities through the research, development and production of low-carbon automotive technologies and processes.

Find out about some of the cutting-edge, low-carbon, propulsion innovations that we’re supporting.

FeTu – Roticulating Fluid Machine

Through this project, FeTu have proven the compressor technology at the Thermal Propulsion System Efficiency Spoke (University of Bath) to TRL 6; with pilot sites secured for testing in 2020 and a wide variety of commercial interests in Automotive, Refrigeration and Power Generation.

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Sensor Coating Systems

This project developed a heat mapping technology development tool which is able to measure peak operating temperatures components are exposed to, then display this data in a 3D CAD models.

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Monolith AI

This project developed artificial intelligent machine learning software to support engineers in tackling challenges, enabling quicker development of products.

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Rift Technology – Electric Motor Configuration

This project is enabling Rift to transition its motor array technology from industrial applications for use in the automotive sector.

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Spark EV Technology

This project created a proven AI-based journey prediction system that ensures drivers' trust through personalised journey predictions, accelerating EV take-up.

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New Motion Labs Limited

This project supported the development of a proof of concept, from technical drawings and calculations, to develop a highly efficient mechanical transfer propulsion system.

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Hiflux LTD

This project will help to create a strategy for commercialising the heat exchanger within the automotive sector, and a proven manufacturing method for heat sinks along with samples for testing and promotion.

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Jaguar Land Rover – Chamaeleon

Project Chamaeleon enables the UK to deliver high volume, lightweight materials, reducing weight and improving vehicle rigidity. As well as reducing emissions, the project has embed new skills into the UK's supply chain.

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Impression Technologies – RACEForm

This project focused on the validation of the Hot Form Quench manufacturing process, which produces high-strength aluminium pressings, with reduced weight and simpler, stronger structures for vehicle bodies.

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Penso Consulting LTD – FLAVA

This project developed a semi-automated pilot production line and facility for advanced lightweight composites assembly to build on the UK’s expertise in lightweighting technology.

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