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Bringing together academia, government and industry to collaborate. Sharing insights on best practice in design and manufacturing and providing technology expertise and signposting to facilities across the UK.

Creating collaborative communities

Our National Networks provide access to the UK’s industrial and academic expertise in current and future propulsion technologies. We are making a difference by building specialist communities that stretch the boundaries of academic and industrial relationships; expanding advanced and industrial research around low carbon automotive technology.

Our technology Spoke Leads act as a centre point for collaborative innovation around six key technology areas: Electrical Energy Storage (EES), Electric Machines (EM), Digital Engineering and Test (DET), Power Electronics (PE) and Thermal Propulsion Systems (TPS – Systems Efficiency and Thermal Efficiency), Digital Engineering and Test (DET).

The Spokes aim to address automotive industry challenges and accelerate the development of products and services to grow these core technologies and capabilities within the UK. Their purpose is to encourage and nurture collaboration, innovation and research in low carbon vehicle technology. Inventing, understanding and testing the next generation of products, materials and systems to bring us closer to a net-zero emission future. There is a real opportunity for the UK to lead the way in green technology and export these solutions to the rest of the world.

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