We enable the research and development of the propulsion technologies that will lead us to a cleaner world

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Technology developers encouraged to register interest for latest round of APC funding and business support
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New £50M Funding from Government and Industry Accelerates Automotive Bid to Reach Zero Carbon
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WMCA boosts clean automotive industry with £18m grant for Battery Industrialisation Centre in Coventry
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Our job is to ensure that the UK remains competitive in the research, development and production of low carbon propulsion technologies.

Through our team of handpicked specialists we introduce those with good ideas to those who can take them to market, supporting them through mentoring and facilitating investment along the way.
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The Power of Collaboration

We enable partnerships that anchor research & development of low carbon technologies in the UK, growing the automotive supply chain.

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We offer a range of services that drive forward cross-sector collaboration and help organisations access funding required to take their research projects to market.

The Advanced Propulsion Centre brings together the right people and organisations to enable UK research to become commercial products
ZERE, a £6.3m match-funded project, was established to develop and provide a real-world trial of Intelligent Energy’s 4kW fuel cell, taking it to the point where it is ready for mass production.
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Morgan Motor Cars, the British owned vehicle manufacturer formed in 1909, are renowned for their classically styled sports cars. Morgan maintains its stature as a niche vehicle OEM, giving its product a premium and exclusive presence which has worldwide sales to over 20 countries. Morgan's current vehicles are powered by steadily evolving Internal combustion engine technology, which has enabled the business to succeed for the last 108 years. However as experienced by many vehicle manufacturers, national CO2 taxes levied at the point of sale have made international sales in some regions more challenging.
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The GKN Hybrid Power flywheel is an electric flywheel, storing energy mechanically in a high-speed carbon rotor. The APC ‘Gyrodrive’ project, which closed in September ’17, sought to develop and test this technology for use in the Hybrid bus market.
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