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Pushing Thermal Propulsion Systems to their limits

The UK has a long heritage in Thermal Propulsion Systems, which is historically the backbone of the UK automotive industry. Our System Efficiency Spoke brings together those with expertise in research, design, and manufacturing to help drive continued innovation from both academia and industry to ensure sustained development in the UK’s advanced engine technology.

Through sharing knowledge and collaborating, the TPS System Efficiency Spoke, hosted by the University of Bath, is redefining how these systems perform. The network is conducting research on ever more complex propulsion systems, giving a unique insight into the performance and optimisation of future low and zero carbon propulsion technologies. University of Bath is also leading work through the Universities Internal Combustion Engines Group (UnICEG) as a way of bringing together the powertrain and research community existent in the academia and industry.

The TPS System Efficiency Spoke works closely with the TPS Thermal Efficiency Spoke to take a holistic approach to drive research that can reduce greenhouse gases and particulate emissions in the UK’s most popular powertrain. This includes understanding about what future sustainable (non-fossil) fuels could be part of the mix going forward. University of Bath also has a Centre for Doctoral Training for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems which can support the development of skills within academia and industry to deliver the net-zero theme.

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