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We work to make sure that the UK remains competitive in the race to create a cleaner tomorrow. Every project we support anchors and grows the UK’s capabilities through the research, development and production of low-carbon automotive technologies and processes.

Find out about some of the cutting-edge, low-carbon, propulsion innovations that we’re supporting.

Ionic Technologies

Ionic Technologies has developed rare earth element separation and refining technology and is applying it to the recovery of rare earth metals from spent permanent magnets.

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Oxford RF Solutions

Oxford RF Solutions Ltd has designed a multidirectional radar sensor to enable all-weather autonomy.

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Sigma Lithium

3D-Li anode material and technology for next-generation lithium batteries for automotive and aerospace.

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LiNa Energy

LiNa Energy's cobalt- and lithium-free solid-state sodium battery is an ideal solution for renewable energy storage systems.

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Ilika is a pioneer in solid-state battery technology, enabling solutions for applications such as industrial IoT, MedTech, EV and consumer electronics.

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Composites Evolution Ltd

Composite Evolution's net-zero bio-based composite materials for next-generation lightweight vehicle structures.

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Enable Manufacturing

Enable Manufacturing’s Additive Casting® process combines the best of 3D printing and traditional casting, to manufacture complex metal parts, of any size, cost-effectively.

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Wrightbus – Next-Generation Common-Platform Fuel-Cell and Battery-Electric Multi-Axle Buses (NextGenZEBS)

The project aims to develop a new world-leading, commercially competitive solution for zero-emission battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric, multi-axle (tri-axle and articulated bus) vehicle configurations.

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Ford – Fuel cell Commercial Vehicle Generation 2.0 (FCVGen2.0)  

Fuel cell Commercial Vehicle Generation 2.0 (FCVGen2.0) is a Ford-led research project that will pilot the introduction of fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles to the light commercial vehicle sector to advance UK capability for fuel cell development. It’s a follow-up to FCVGen1.0, an APC-funded Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator (ARMD) project.

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ULEMCo – Hydrogen Extended Range Powertrain (HyER Power)

Led by ULEMCo, the project will develop and test net-zero carbon emission hydrogen fuel cell range extenders for electric drivetrains for use in a series of ‘world-first’ special purpose EV vehicle solutions, including; ambulances, fire engines and HGV road sweepers.

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