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Ford – Fuel cell Commercial Vehicle Generation 2.0 (FCVGen2.0)  

Designing a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell powered Ford Transit vans 

Fuel cell Commercial Vehicle Generation 2.0 (FCVGen2.0) is a Ford-led research project that will pilot the introduction of fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles to the light commercial vehicle sector to advance UK capability for fuel cell development. It’s a follow-up to FCVGen1.0, an APC-funded Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator (ARMD) project. 

This project aims to design, develop and build a fleet of eight fuel cell Transits. The vehicles will be piloted by strategic fleet operators and customers for six months as they gather feedback to assess their suitability for wider deployment. The fleet-trial data will be used to provide insights into the required attributes of a future product and hydrogen infrastructure.    

Project highlights 

  • Utilising a high-power fuel cell stack, in conjunction with hydrogen storage, to achieve a vehicle that’s a replacement for the equivalent internal combustion vehicle 
  • Optimising hydrogen storage for capacity, cost and weight 
  • The vessels will be built in the UK and the design adapted for volume manufacturing 
  • Research into efficient recycling methodologies at end-of-life  
  • Total project value £16.3 million, with £8 million funded through the APC. 


Project consortium: 

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