Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)

CurvEx Technology Ltd

Flextrude® lightweight extrusion technology 

CurvEx Technology Ltd, is a leading lightweight manufacturing solution provider specialising in the extrusion of complexstreamlined aluminium components.  

Established in 2019 by researchers from Imperial College London, CurvEx is the sole licensee of patented Flextrude® technology that offers a unique solution for manufacturing complex extrusion products without additional joining and welding processes. The main applications for the Flextrude® technology include lightweight extrusion products for electric vehicles, premium and passenger cars, trains and aviation. They provide services in extrusion product design, manufacturing, quality assessment, and material forming simulations for OEMs and Tier1 component suppliers in the automotive sector.

Project Highlights

  • Our Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) has helped CurvEx Technology  gain further traction, including identifying new customer and market segments, and developing a full-size component prototype during the technology validation phase.   
  • Increased Technology Readiness Level from 4 to 5 during the programme.  


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