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Nissan Technical Centre Europe – EV development and advancement of EV battery reuse, recycling and energy balancing technology  

Utilising an electric vehicle (EV) programme to build UK R&D capability while collaborating with UK partners on further enhancing EV 4R (refabricate, recycle, resell and reuse) potential. 

This Nissan-led consortium is aiming to increase UK R&D capability for Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) development. It is also focused on applying 4R technology innovations to improve the sustainability and value proposition of BEVs. The three-year project utilises BEV development as the foundation to address technologies at different stages of an EV battery lifespan. The project will also define battery first life quality and performance characteristics for a high-voltage EV battery to be employed in everyday usage as well as V2G capabilities.  

The consortium partners also plan to deliver technologies which enhance the ability to continue to employ the high-voltage battery for second-life applications within various configurations of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and develop technical capability to maximise the high-voltage battery at its end-of-life for recycling and reuse. 

Project Highlights 

  • BEV and high-voltage battery development  
  • Second-life BESS applications  
  • V2G technology and capability  
  • End-of-life, high-voltage battery recycling and reuse 
  • Total project value £30.1 million, with £15 million funded by the Department for Business and Trade through the APC. 


Project Consortium 

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