Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)


Zerocarbon power production at scale wherever needed 

Electrification is crucial for reducing carbon emissions. But getting grid connections can be challenging. This means many off-grid locations, such as construction sites, outdoor events, mining and agricultural activities, rely on fossil fuels, as green power options are limited, costly, and logistically difficult.  

Catalsys has been developing a unique solution for off-grid, zero-carbon power. Its innovation is a zero-carbon generator, that uses green ammonia as a fuel to replace diesel generators and enable decarbonisation at no extra cost. The efficient, low-cost units fit inside a shipping container and can generate 150kW or 500kW of power, depending on demand.  

Project Highlights

  • Our Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) has helped Catalsys understand its market and customers better, leading them to pivot their offering from a product that produced green hydrogen to one that produces low-cost, green electrical power, enabling them to accelerate commercial traction.  
  • Over the course of the programme, the team has grown from a Founders-only team to an experienced, multi-disciplinary team.   
  • Catalsys has also developed a new partnership with Skanska which will see the deployment of a 150kW demonstrator.  

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