Collaborative R&D Competitions

YASA Ltd – Project Additive 

Creating an innovative combined electric propulsion and handling system, which aims to revolutionise existing EV architectures.   

Project Additive combines YASA’s axial-flux e-motor technology with Domin’s active suspension. The project consortium is creating an innovative propulsion technology for high-performance and luxury EVs. The project is focused on improving powertrain topologies, which will provide a step-change in EV driving dynamics and design. YASA, the project lead, is a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz and already manufactures high-power axial-flux electric motors and power electronics for several of the world’s top supercar brands. Its focus under Mercedes’ ownership is on enabling new vehicle architectures and weight reduction from its R&D hub in Oxford. 

Project Highlights 

  • Creating a new electric propulsion unit that is not only small and light enough to transform vehicle driving dynamics, but also influences the overall design potential of future on-road electric vehicles. 
  • Combining YASA’s revolutionary axial-flux electric motor and controller technology with an active suspension from Domin, to create a form of electric propulsion that will transform the look and ride quality of future electric vehicles. 
  • Total project value £21.2 million, £10.5 million funded by the Department for Business and Trade through the APC.


Project Consortium 

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