Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)


Accelerating battery system commercialisation through world-leading battery testing and software

About:Energy is a leading battery software company with its headquarters in London. Founded in 2022 by Gavin White and Kieran O’Reganresearchers from Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham, respectively the company has concentrated on developing a comprehensive portfolio of battery measurement and modeling capabilities. These advancements are aimed at providing a sophisticated software solution for battery design and use. 

The company equips organisations with cutting-edge tools to streamline their R&D processes, significantly reducing time-to-market and improving the performance of battery systems. About:Energy’s data plays a crucial role in enhancing decision-making throughout the value chain, from mining to end-of-life management. The Voltt, their flagship product, supplies critical data for widely used batteries across various industries;, including automotive, motorsports, and aviation. This data supports a wide range of activities, such as cell selection, battery pack design, lifetime prediction, and cell optimisation. 

Project Highlights

  • About:Energy is a university spinout originating from the University of Birmingham and Imperial College London. 
  • Whilst on the programme, About:Energy developed and launched “The Voltt,” a comprehensive battery data platform. This platform amalgamates battery expertise and lab testing facilities, aiding in the optimiszation of battery design and the extension of battery life.
  • The project facilitated various facets of commercialiszation, including the management of intellectual property, the development of a business model, and engagement with the industry through marketing activities.
  • This project, focused on commercialising their patented battery thermal measurement technology, significantly enhancing the accuracy of thermal characterisation of batteries by 88%. The resulting data can be instrumental in improving battery safety and longevity. 
  • Our Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) assisted About:Energy in advancing from a technology readiness level of 4 to 8. It also enabled them to establish pertinent connections within the automotive industry and to develop a strategy for entering the market. 

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