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Parker Hannifin – Novel fuel-cell humidification system for zero-emission heavy duty vehicle applications

Utilising proprietary hollowfibre membrane technology to develop a novel humidifier, maximising fuelcell performance and operational life. 

Parker Hannifin’s Engine and Mobile Filtration Division will be developing a novel fuelcell humidification system to be demonstrated at Cenex Expo 2024. The humidifier will provide best-in-class performance and durability, designed to protect protonexchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) and maximise operational life. To guarantee sustained high performance and long service life, air being delivered to the PEMFC must be humidified constantly. Humidification ensures a perfect reaction and prevents early degradation due to the electrolyte drying out

Project Highlights 

  • Developing a novel, high-flow, robust and modular humidifier for PEMFC in heavy-duty applications 
  • Using Parker Hannifin’s proprietary hollow-fibre technology, the humidifier will achieve a higher flow rate and longer lifetime as compared to best-in-class products  
  • Total project value £1.2 million, with £604,000 funded through the APC 

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