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Maeving – New powertrain for removable battery electric motorcycle   

Developing a new powertrain for use in Maeving’s removable battery electric motorcycles. 

Maeving is Britain’s leading electric motorcycle manufacturer. Their first product, the RM1, is a lightweight electric motorcycle with removable batteries that can be charged at any standard plug socket. This project aims to improve on Maeving’s existing technology by delivering a new powertrain, powerful enough to deliver highway-capable top speeds, and able to comfortably carry a pillion passenger. It will be demonstrated at Cenex Expo 2024. 

Project Highlights 

  • Development of a new powertrain that can reach speeds of 65mph, making it suitable for motorway usage 
  • The challenge is delivering this performance within the limitations of removable batteries, which need to weigh a maximum of 15kg 
  • Maeving has been working on the powertrain since April 2022, and is now ready to take the technology through its final stages of development 
  • Total project value £3 million, with £1.1 million funded through the APC

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