Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator

White Motorcycle Concepts – Electric first responder motorcycle (WMC300E+)  

Evolving WMC’s operational emergency services hybrid motorcycle to deliver a fully operational, full-scale, rapid-charge, first responder electric demonstrator motorcycle.

Operational in the UK Police, White Motorcycle Concepts’ WMC300FR uses a power-assist electric hybrid, combined with the WMC patented duct to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50%. This project builds upon a recent comprehensive NVN feasibility study, completed in collaboration with MAHLE Powertrain, that demonstrated it was technically and commercially viable to progress this from hybrid into a fully electric vehicle (the WMC300E+). It will be demonstrated at Cenex Expo 2024.  

Project Highlights 

  • This project will prove that a rapid-charge electric powertrain can be commercially incorporated into an aerodynamically enhanced motorcycle to meet the needs of first responder applications. 
  • Following the completion of the demonstrator, the pure electric model will progress through production readiness prior to reaching the market by late 2025.   
  • Total project value £1.5 million, with £798,000 funded through the APC. 

Project consortium 

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