Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator

Involution Technologies – Invo-EDU 

Demonstrating an innovative electric drive unit (EDU) suitable to drive any large on/off-highway, commercial, construction, or agricultural vehicle.   

INVOLUTION, DePe Gear and Helix motors will demonstrate an EDU suitable to power any heavy on/off-highway vehicle at Cenex Expo 2024, with the aim of sales of 2,500 pa by 2030, including an e-axle version, to meet the growing demand to electrify the heaviest of on/off-highway, commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles.   

Project Highlights 

  • The core common design technology provides both a central drive and an e-axle configuration that may be retrofitted into existing vehicles or applied to dedicated EV platforms.   
  • Acceleration, gradeability and maximum speed will match or exceed the existing ICE driveline performance whilst operating at zero emissions. 
  • Novel control techniques increase duty cycle efficiency, providing operators with a vehicle performance which is robust to varying usage patterns including payload and drive cycle effects. 
  • Total project value £1.3 million, with £677,000 funded through the APC. 

Project Consortium 

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