Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator

Protean Electric – Olympus  

Developing lightweight and novel in-wheel motors (IWM) to accelerate widespread adoption, through improving state-of-the-art technologies and meeting the advanced requirements of the leading OEMs.

This project aims to pioneer and showcase innovative, lightweight, efficient technologies for IWM. It seeks to expedite IWM adoption by OEM customers, surpassing current benchmarks and improving electric vehicle range, packaging, driving experience and more. Spearheaded by Protean Electric Ltd, alongside UK suppliers, Project Olympus supports the potential for IWM integration in forthcoming vehicle programmes by European and UK manufacturers. It will be delivered at Cenex Expo 2024. 

Project Highlights 

  • By fostering relationships between SME supply chains and prominent UK universities, the project bolsters productivity, global competitiveness and investment attractiveness in UK net-zero automotive technologies.  
  • Anticipated benefits encompass elevated exports, import substitution, enhanced skills, job creation, and heightened economic growth throughout the UK. 
  • Total project value £2.4 million, with £1.2 million funded through the APC. 

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