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Gestamp – ERGO-R (Emissions Reduction via Generative Optimisation and Recycling)  

Cultivating new design methodologies, processes and materials for reduced embodied carbon footprint in product designs. 

The project ERGO-R is focused on identifying how to reduce and eventually eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in vehicle design and production. Studies show that 75% 80% of embodied carbon footprint is locked into products at the design phase. Gestamp will review design methodologies, manufacturing processes, materials, energy costs, recoverability, reuse, and recyclability to consider the full embedded/embodied carbon cost/impact across a vehicle’s lifetime. This will create a true circular economy for the automotive industry, reducing waste and ensuring optimised, multiple-life reuse to support a net-zero future. 

Project Highlights 

  • Development of a design methodology, facilitating sustainable solutions for lightweighting.  
  • Development of novel materials/manufacturing processes compatible with this methodology.  
  • Practical demonstration of the methodology on prototype automotive components. 
  • Total project value £6.3 million, £3.1 million funded by the Department for Business and Trade through the APC. 


Project Consortium 

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