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ULEMCo – Hydrogen Extended Range Powertrain (HyER Power)

Developing a net-zero carbon emission hydrogen fuel cell range extender for prototype ambulances, fire engines and road sweepers

Led by ULEMCo, the project will develop and test net-zero carbon emission hydrogen fuel cell range extenders for electric drivetrains for use in a series of world-first special purpose EV vehicle solutions, including; ambulances, fire engines and HGV road sweepers.   

Accelerating the transition to net-zero carbon emission mobility 

Project highlights 

  • Taking the learning from its ZERRO Ambulance tested prototype, displayed at COP26, and creating a toolkit and ‘plug-and-play’ set of component modules 
  • Development of the Toyota Gen 2 Mirai Fuel Cell into a flexible power module package to meet the duty-cycle needs for net-zero carbon emission specialty vehicles 
  • Oxfordshire County Council will be involved in fleet trials, supporting the project to better understand the use cases for this technology  
  • Total project value £7.85 million, with £3.92 million funded through the APC. 


Project consortium 

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