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Electrified Automation – Process Innovations for electric Motor Manufacturing Solutions (PIMMS) 

Project PIMMS will enable Electrified Automation to further develop its innovative process for manufacturing electric motors that are more cost-competitive, powerful and efficient than many of the products currently available in the marketplace. The project sets out to remove the barriers that prevent the industry from achieving highvolume electric motor manufacturing; specifically in relation to coil winding, mechanical assembly and automated test solutions. 

The PIMMS consortium will also tackle barriers that limit the UK’s ability to compete in the global market by producing a software platform that automates all areas of the manufacturing environment, linking the production facility with the external world.

Electric machines

Achieving high-volume electric motor manufacturing

Project Highlights 

  • Produce a UK-based, advanced manufacturing facility, demonstrating innovation in the manufacturing process and the product 
  • End-of-life solutions for electric motors through 3R (Recycle, Reuse and Remanufacture) strategies to achieve closed loop manufacturing 
  • E-Motors and inverter product sales to OEMs along with the sale of technology licenses to manufacture the motors 
  • Total project value £6.02 million, with £3.01 million funded through the APC.

Project Consortium 

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