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Toyota – Hilux Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Conversion

Toyota, a leader in global mobility, is working with four highlyexperienced technology partners to develop a zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel cell powered Toyota Hilux pick-up truck. This will be the first application of a fully integrated Toyota hydrogen fuel cell system within this type of commercial vehicle in the UK.

The first hydrogen fuel cell pick-up truck

Project Highlights 

  • Develop, integrate, prototype and bring to manufacturing readiness a completely integrated hydrogen fuel cell powertrain within the Toyota Hilux platform 
  • Adoption of innovative solutions, new skills and manufacturing processes to adapt and integrate existing elements into a completely different vehicle platform 
  • Development of thermal management systems required to aid component performance in the Hilux pick-up truck 
  • Addressing the requirement for zero-emissions vehicles in this vehicle segment 
  • Total project value £11.4 million, with £5.6 million funded through the APC

Project Consortium 

This exciting project allows Toyota the opportunity to develop a unique fuel cell commercial vehicle on the iconic Hilux platform, in the UK. This will significantly contribute to the skill base, not only within Toyota in the UK but also through the consortium partners and wider supply chain. The collaboration with highlyskilled technical engineering companies of all sizes allows the development of new and innovative solutions.”Richard Kenworthy, Managing Director, Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) LTD 

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