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Bramble Energy – Hydrogen Electric Integrated Drivetrain Initiative (HEIDI) 

Developing a hydrogen double-decker bus using innovative, low-cost fuel cell technology

The purpose of the Hydrogen Electric Integrated Drivetrain Initiative (HEIDI) project is to design, develop and integrate a hydrogen fuel cell into a double-decker bus demonstrator, using innovative, low-cost fuel cell technology developed in the UK.

The project will take advantage of Bramble Energy’s patent-protected printed circuit board technology to produce fuel cells, resulting in the demonstration vehicle only emitting water. Aeristech will develop a high-efficiency air compressor; Equipmake a motor, power electronics and battery management system; and the University of Bath will optimise the performance of the fuel cell battery-hybrid powertrain through vehicle simulations.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is crucial to the decarbonisation of buses and commercial vehicles to help improve UK air quality. The HEIDI consortium aims to demonstrate the integration of technologies to meet societal needs, as well as establishing UK fuel cell manufacturing, accelerating cost reduction and reducing CO2 emissions.

Petal Electric Machines, Digitalisation, Fuel Cells

Accelerating the transition to net-zero carbon emission mobility

Project highlights 

  • Developing a novel low-cost manufacturing process with a focus on cost reduction and improved fuel cell cost per KW 
  • Design, development and integration of motor design, power electronics, thermal and air management systems 
  • Establishing and developing the UK supply chain to re-shore system sourcing and manufacturing 
  • Optimising the fuel cell battery-hybrid powertrain through simulation, to deliver class-leading efficiency 
  • Integrating all developed technologies into a double-decker bus application 
  • Total project value £12.7 million, with £6.3 million funded through the APC.


Project consortium 

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