Collaborative R&D Competitions

CNH Industrial – ATLAS

The ATLAS project will facilitate the launch of the world’s first liquid fugitive methanepowered off-highway agricultural tractorbuilt in the UK. The project will bring together a range of next-generation technologies methane will be harvested from livestock slurry, water treatment, landfill gas or the decomposition of biomass which would otherwise ‘escape’ into the atmosphere, making this a carbon negative activity.

A methane-powered tractor

Project Highlights 

  • Launch the world’s first liquid fugitive methane powered tractor 
  • Design a novel energy independent cryogenic tank, including fuel management system 
  • Integrate next-generation heat recovery and exhaust system technologies 
  • Development of telematics technology for vehicle efficiency and safety 
  • Establish a UK supply chain base for key technologies 
  • Total project value £15.6 million, with £7.8 million funded through the APC.

Project Consortium 


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