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Jaguar Land Rover – Electric Vehicle Advanced Inverter Technology (EleVAIT) 

Creating a class-leading, high-efficiency and highly-integrated 800V inverter, designed and built in the UK

The project will enable a set of world-class industry and academic partners to develop key inverter concepts and technologies that will enhance the attributes of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) electrified vehicles from 2028. The inverter will be optimised for new JLR electric-first architectures and will improve the commercial success of both JLR and the associated UK supply chain. 

Electric machines

Expanding the commercial opportunities in the UK power electronics industry 

Project highlights 

  • Creating a new UK inverter supply chain for JLR Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)  
  • Increasing R&D expertise and learning in the UK through partner IP for downstream supply chain exploitation 
  • Focusing on developing wide bandgap semiconductors, integrated device packaging, and modelling and utilisation techniques, to enable increased power density, higher efficiency and lower costs 
  • Total project value £12.5 million, with £6.1 million funded through the APC. 


Project consortium 

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