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Leyland Trucks – Zero Emissions Truck Testing Automation (ZETTA)

Scaling up the production of electric trucks 

Through developing innovations in automation and advanced testing, Leyland can increase productivity and scale up the production of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) trucks. This activity would put Leyland Trucks at the forefront of innovation within the PACCAR Group. 

Petal Electrical machines, Electrical storage, Digitalisation

Putting Leyland Trucks at the forefront of innovation 

Project highlights 

  • Deliver up to 30 BEV trucks per shift through innovation, collaboration and increased productivity 
  • Adopt digital technologies to aid process design, health monitoring of lines and process optimisation 
  • Reshoring opportunities for the UK supply chain for e-powertrain components 
  • Total project value £5.1 million, with £2.6 million funded through the APC. 


Project consortium 

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