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Impression Technologies – RACEForm

Hot Form Quench Process

The Hot Form Quench (HFQ) technology press forms hot aluminium blanks at high speed, which are quenched in the press tool, followed by artificial ageing to achieve full strength. HFQ technology enables extremely complex aluminium parts to be formed in a single press operation while delivering high levels of strength in the finished part using standard grades of aluminium.

Lightweight Vehicle and Powertrain Structure

Giving scrap aluminium a second life

Project highlights 

  • Validation of a high-volume lightweighting technology manufacturing process
  • The Hot Form Quench process produces high-strength aluminium pressings, with reduced weight and simpler, stronger structures for vehicle bodies
  • Utilises recycled aluminium car parts
  • £9.5 million total project value, receiving £4.8 million funding through the APC

Project Consortium 

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