Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)

New Motion Labs Limited

Removes the weakest link from the system

This project supported the development of a proof of concept, from technical drawings and calculations, to develop a highly efficient mechanical transfer propulsion system. New Motion Labs were able to engage numerous partners, including Team Huub Watt-Bike and Cycling Australia (who are to take part in the next Olympic Games), where they hope to use their chain in competition to take advantage of the power transfer efficiency gains.

More efficient drive chain solution

Project highlights

  • A highly efficient mechanical transfer propulsion system
  • Transfer 25% more torque than current single engagement technologies
  • Reduces wear and extend lifetime by up to 50%
  • Enable the use of lightweight and/or self-lubricating materials
  • A more uniform distribution of force around the sprocket system
  • Decreases peak stress by up to 30%

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