Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)

FeTu – Roticulating Fluid Machine

Light-bulb moment

In 2015, innovator Jon Fenton drew on his 36 years’ of engineering design experience to create a truly disruptive concept. He approached the Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) team at the APC to best characterise and exploit his invention. In 2017, following their advice and support, he quit his nine-to-five job to develop the technology and build the FeTu team. Subsequently, FeTu have proven the compressor technology at the APC Thermal Propulsion System Efficiency Spoke (University of Bath) to TRL 6; with pilot sites secured for testing in 2020 and a wide variety of commercial interests in Automotive, Refrigeration and Power Generation.

Rebuilding the internal combustion engine

Project Highlights 

  • Developing a novel approach to compression technology
  • A Value Engineering module resulting in reducing the weight by half (11kg > 5.5kg)
  • World 19s first four chamber 18quad-acting 19 compression device 13 using energy in a highly efficient way
  • TDAP assisted FeTu to prove this concept as a compressor, which created a source of revenue enabling continued cross-platform technology development
  • The compressor can be used in an array of applications, including industrial, food and medical applications due to it being either oil-free or oil-flood
  • TDAP helped develop strategyco and business plans, as well as providing financial support for R&D, supply chain development and market entry

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