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Jaguar Land Rover – Chamaeleon

Heavy hitters developing lightweight vehicle technology

Project Chamaeleon enables the UK to deliver high volume, lightweight materials, reducing weight and improving vehicle rigidity. As well as reducing emissions, the project has embed new skills into the UK’s supply chain, offered export opportunities and created and protected UK jobs in engineering and manufacturing.

Lightweight Vehicle and Powertrain Structure

Changing lightweight vehicle technology

Project Highlights

  • Developing new materials and manufacturing technologies to produce lightweight vehicle structures and improve vehicle rigidity.
  • The new lightweight structures will facilitate the reduction of emissions, across common Hybrid and BEV platforms 13 with no compromise on premium vehicle performance
  • Improves driveability and reduces cost of electric and hybrid powertrain options
  • Offers wider industry and export opportunities
  • Total project value £7.4 million with half of this funded through the APC

Project Consortium

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