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Since 2013, we have supported many organisations to deliver projects that drive the UK automotive industry and economy forward on the road to net zero. Read some of our success stories and learn about the impact of technologies that have been developed through our support.

Dolphin N2 ThermoPower: The hydrogen combustion engine

Thanks to the APC’s Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator funding, this radical new internal combustion engine, developed by Dolphin N2, was able to show its potential for running on hydrogen.

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The green Wrightbus: a UK export success story

Wrightbus built the world’s first double decker hydrogen fuel cell bus, and now has fleets operating in five cities across the UK and Ireland thanks to an APC-funded project.

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Intelligent Energy: commercialising the fuel cell

Intelligent Energy is commercialising its hydrogen technology by working with a consortium of UK-based companies including Changan UK R&D Centre Ltd, Alexander Dennis Limited And Lyra Electronics, on one of our funded projects to develop a cost-effective and efficient supply chain.

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Glasgow’s hydrogen-powered Ballard bin lorry

Hydrogen can go longer, deliver high power, and be refuelled quickly, making it perfect for utility vehicles. This APC-funded project provided research to find the best business case for heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Hear from Dr Richard Kemp-Harper as he explains why fleet operators, such as Glasgow City Council, are choosing to go down the route of hydrogen vehicles rather than battery-electric.

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Empel Systems: high-quality scalable motor-inverter units

Receiving support and funding through the Technology Developer Accelerator Programme helped Empel Systems to commercialise its technology – in particular, the development of a new multi-voltage silicon carbide inverter.

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Spark EV Technology: accurate EV range prediction

The Technology Developer Accelerator Programme gave Spark EV Technology access to networking opportunities, detailed advice on how to commercialise its EV range prediction technology and platforms to showcase it.

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Libertine: realising the potential of linear generators

From SME to IPO - this case study tells the story of liner generator maker Libertine FPE's rise through the Technology Developer Accelerator Programme and recent successes.

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2-DTech: harnessing graphene nanotechnology

2-DTech was supported through the Technology Developer Accelerator Programme to commercialise innovative techniques for reinforcing carbon fibre with graphene nano platelets.

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Going the distance: the Tevva hydrogen range extender

An APC-funded project, led by Tevva Trucks in partnership with Advanced Electric Machines Ltd, has demonstrated the need for and developed a hydrogen fuel cell range extender to combat the current requirement for heavy batteries in heavy-duty trucks. This collaborative R&D project SANGREAL is a major step forward in the development of viable low-carbon transport.

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Power where it’s needed: engineering a more efficient solution for off-highway vehicle hydraulics

Much of the energy is consumed by off-highway work vehicles is used in lifting, carrying or digging - for which the technology can often be comparatively old-fashioned and inefficient. In 2018, the Advanced Propulsion Centre awarded a £10.9 million grant to the DDISPLACE project, which set out to address these challenges with a fundamental rethink on hydraulic system design.

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