APC project accelerates UK SME’s growth

Northumberland-based automotive clean-tech firm AVID Technology, has secured a major programme with global luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover. The programme will support the development of advanced 48V Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) powertrain systems for next generation vehicles as part of a £21 million Advanced Propulsion Centre-supported collaborative research and development project called Virbius.

This new programme will see AVID collaborate with two of the UK’s leading academic institutions, University of Warwick and University of Loughborough, along with UK SME Motor Design Ltd and Victrex Manufacturing. It follows on from several other major contract wins for AVID which will see the company develop hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain components for a range of major global vehicle manufacturers.

The annual combined mature production value of the new business is in excess of £150 million per year and will fuel huge growth at the Cramlington-based firm.

Josh Denne, Project Delivery Lead at the APC said:

Hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain systems are essential technologies in potentially reducing vehicle emissions and are recognised in the Automotive Council’s consensus roadmaps. The Advanced Propulsion Centre works with organisations to enable them to realise opportunities in the UK. We help to match public and private investment for the research of strategic automotive technologies which drives innovation in low carbon propulsion while helping to anchor and grow UK capabilities. This collaboration is a fantastic example of working together to keep the UK at the forefront of low carbon automotive industrial development, while helping to support and grow UK SMEs.

Ryan Maughan, Managing Director of AVID Technology said:

We are delighted to have secured this programme and are very grateful for the support from the Advanced Propulsion Centre. This is a game changer for AVID, we have been leading the way in the development of electric and hybrid vehicle powertrain systems and this project will see us scale that up working with a major OEM.

AVID’s core expertise is the design of high performance power electronics and motors used in electric and hybrid vehicle powertrain systems, including pumps, fans, traction systems and battery management.

The company’s knowledge and pioneering technology is used to deliver highly efficient propulsion and thermal management systems by manufacturers of heavy-duty and high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles. Ranging from high-performance passenger car manufacturers and motorsport to heavy-duty buses, trucks and off highway machinery.

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