APC announces UK exhibitors for Engine Expo 2018

  • Advanced Propulsion Centre reveals six British companies demonstrating UK expertise at Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany
  • UK exhibitors present innovations including powertrain solutions, vehicle electronics and energy storage
  • Event set to maintain and extend collaboration between British and German automotive industries

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) will be accompanying six delegates to represent the UK automotive industry at Engine Expo on 5-7 June in Stuttgart, Germany. The exhibitors will present some of the most advanced powertrain technologies in the world to vehicle manufacturers and tier-1 suppliers in Germany at the UK Pavilion at stand E9345.

The Pavilion is comprised of innovative UK companies from a wide range of fields within the automotive industry, including powertrain solutions, vehicle electronics and energy storage. Following the UK Pavilion’s great success last month at the JSAE Spring Congress in Yokohama, Japan, exhibitors will seek strong support for the UK economy and demonstrate that, as a destination for the development and production of cutting-edge low-carbon powertrain and CAV technology, Britain is GREAT.

To date, the APC has coordinated more than 16 international events to promote the UK Pavilion, showcasing around 150 British companies to over 100,000 event delegates. The resulting 2,100 sales leads have secured millions of pounds worth of foreign direct investment into the UK, with an average return on investment of 14:1.

Germany is Britain’s second-largest trading partner and the largest exporter of car parts to the UK. German manufacturers play a vital role in the British automotive supply chain, providing nearly a fifth of all components used in UK-based car production.

Garry Wilson, Director – Business Development, Marketing and Communications at APC, said:

Germany is widely regarded as a key market in the global automotive industry, with a deep-rooted and extensive knowledge of engineering. It is therefore of importance to the UK, and we aim to use this event to encourage further international collaboration to drive further fundamental research and development in the UK. The British and German automotive sectors are prime partners for collaboration, as demonstrated by an APC project with German powertrain developer, hofer powertrain. As well as leading to significant foreign direct investment in growing hofer’s UK R&D capability, the project has supported a new transmission manufacturing facility. This will provide the UK with the capability to design and manufacture advanced hybrid transmissions, complementing the next generation of low carbon vehicles.

The UK delegates and their technologies are as follows:

Aeristech designs and manufactures electric air compressors for the international automotive industry. The Aeristech eSupercharger was developed to downsize internal combustion engines and thereby achieve improved fuel efficiency, while the eCompressor is an essential component for fuel cell powertrain systems. Both products will be debuted at Engine Expo this year.


Advanced Electric Machines (AEM) has designed and recently begun manufacturing what it claims to be the most sustainable motor in the world, which eliminates the need for rare-earth magnets and copper. As a result, the motor is lighter, less expensive and more easily recyclable than conventional motors. AEM is a spin-off from the Newcastle University Centre for Advanced Electric Drives and delivers cost-effective and high-performance solutions with minimal environmental impact for the automotive market.


Cosworth specialises in powertrain and electronics technology. Its state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing Centres in the UK and US are designed to conform to OEM production standards, manufacturing precision components for high-performance vehicle applications. Cosworth produces a gasoline engine capable of rivalling the fuel efficiency of current production diesel engines, enabling optimum use of international combustion engines and hybrid vehicle powertrains. In addition, the company is pioneering the development of smart cell technology to optimise battery management and cell monitoring.


JD Norman Industries manufactures metal components that serve major OEMs of automotive, industrial and transportation products, with operations in Canada, Mexico, the UK and the USA. Employing advanced process techniques, its range of products includes cast, formed and machined metals.


RML Group specialises in electric vehicle technology for road and race applications, made possible by a state-of-the-art energy storage design and manufacturing facility. The company has helped its partners win a number of motorsport championships. RML has developed high-performance road car derivatives, as well as advanced automotive technology for OEMs.


Sunamp develops, manufactures and sells compact, highly efficient advanced thermal storage technology called ‘Heat Batteries’ (HB) that can be used to store heat for several applications. Sunamp HBs are based on phase change materials that have high energy and power densities. Its HBs help reduce emissions and improve air quality, while addressing vehicle thermal management challenges, such as engine and cabin warm up, catalytic converter temperature fluctuation, as well as battery thermal conditioning and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.