National Propulsion Showcase

The National Propulsion Showcase is the first permanent exhibition space dedicated to exploring the opportunities available in the UK for the development of low carbon propulsion innovation.

A window into the UK Automotive Industry

In the National Showcase we tell a tale of the UK automotive industry. The space offers visitors an insight into the automotive industry, providing a view of industry, academia and government. Walk through a history of innovation with the Propulsion Timeline, learn about the key drivers accelerating low carbon development, find out what is being done to help support this change and more.

Showcasing the best of UK Innovation

The National Propulsion Showcase exhibits some of the best of low carbon automotive innovation, from vehicles to battery modules. Here you can explore a range of technology innovations and learn about the story behind their developments. If you are interested in exhibiting in the Showcase, get in touch.

Unique space for industry

You can visit the National Propulsion Showcase as an individual, an organisation or bring guests as a delegation. We are on hand to guide any visitors through the showcase, highlighting relevant messages for each tour. If you have an event you would like to run, you can hire the showcase as a stand alone venue. The space is free to use, providing it benefits the low carbon automotive innovation agenda. Inside, it holds a 25 seated theatre area, as well as the ability to seat up to 120 delegates in a plenary style. Get in touch to find out more.
Get in touch
To find out more about the National Propulsion Showcase, contact Catherine Prothero.