Q1 2022 Automotive industry demand forecast

The data in these demand graphs is based on APC insight from our close relationship with UK OEMs on xEV production, APC Automotive Council PEMD traction specifications coupled with published data from IHS, Rho Motion & BNEF powertrain splits used to guide 2030 demand forecast.


 Key headlines


    • 25% of vehicles manufactured in Europe predicted to have LFP batteries, reducing reliance on nickel
    • A modest global lithium deficit is likely in 2025, significantly widening by 2030
    • Investment needed now to scale up lithium industry, as it takes years to build battery-grade capacity
    • More can be done to reduce demand with effective use of lithium
    • Call for UK investment to secure future battery material supply chains
    • Opportunity for the UK to capitalise on the anode active material supply gap in Europe
    • World battery demand for the automotive sector could exceed 2,800 GWh by 2030, more than double the forecast for 2025.

Published: 21/06/2022

Q1 2022 Automotive industry demand forecast

The latest forecast from the Advanced Propulsion Centre predicts 25% of all installed battery capacity in European-manufactured vehicles will be Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP).