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YASA Ltd- Project Re-Gen

Developing a dual inverter for regenerative braking in BEVs, enabling new vehicle designs with EV specific, optimised electronics and safety systems.      

Project Re-Gen aims to enable a step-change in EV architecture through the development of a high-frequency, high-voltage dual inverter with a pioneering dual-redundant braking system. The technology will help to realise significant weight and cost savings whilst increasing regenerative braking potential in battery electric vehicles (BEVs).  This project addresses market demands for improved BEV performance and efficiency, whilst also creating a validated safety case for novel inverter technology. 

Key highlights   

  • The inverter system, developed by YASA in partnership with Cambridge GaN Devices and Horiba MIRA, will be integrated closer to motors, which will advance the functional safety, performance and reliability of high-performance dual-drive vehicle powertrains. 
  • The complimentary and innovative technologies will enable a step change in vehicle design and significant performance improvements towards the next generation of EV motor technologies.   
  • The project will showcase world-class UK-based innovation, anchoring production expertise in the UK with a strong, immediate route to market and generating future expansion opportunities. 
  • Total project value £14 million, £7 million funded by the Department for Business and Trade through the APC. 

Project consortium 

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