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Wrightbus – NextGenFCEV

Designing and building world-leading FCEVs in the UK

Building on previous projects funded by Innovate UK and APC, NextGen FCEV aims to develop single and double-deck fuel cell electric buses for the UK marketplace and export that are world-leading in terms of the total cost of ownership and efficiency. This project will accelerate the development of the UK supply chain to build fuel cell electric buses, testing them in real-world environments in collaboration with operator Translink and developing customer service options for refuelling infrastructure and green Hydrogen supply. The work will support the UK government’s 2050 net-zero carbon emissions target and the aim to deploy at least 4,000 zero-emission busses in UK regions by 2025.

Development of next-generation fuel cell electric buses

Project Highlights 

  • Project will develop and bring to market a range of world-leading fuel cell electric buses. 
  • Wrightbus, Grayson, and the key component supply chain will collaborate to improve vehicle efficiency and vehicle thermal management in comparison to current production and demonstrator fuel cell buses. 
  • Queen’s University, the academic project partner, will build on big data collected from route analysis to develop integrated drive cycle and HVAC sense and controls. 
  • The project will strengthen UK-based assembly and manufacturing capabilities to produce zero-emission technologies at scale. 
  • It will also investigate pathways for low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen fuel production in the UK. 
  • A ‘Hydrogen Centre of Excellence’ will be established to support workforce upskilling, knowledge transfer and industrial/infrastructure development in the UK. 
  • Operator Translink will provide input on design and performance requirements, as well as conduct field trials. 
  • Total project value £11.2 million, with £5.6 million funded through the APC. 

Project Consortium 

Road to Net Zero Podcast

Our Road to Net Zero podcast is all about how the UK automotive industry is transitioning to net zero. In a series of interviews, we highlight key issues and developments, interesting projects and technologies emerging from one of the UK’s most innovative sectors on the road to net zero.

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