Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)


 High-performance, hydrogen fuel cell powertrain solutions 

Viritech launched in 2021 as a cleantech company, specialising in the development of high-performance, hydrogen fuel cell powertrain solutions for the automotive, aerospace, marine, and distributed power industries. 

Viritech has redesigned the fuel cell powertrain with a complete suite of innovative energy management products, including hydrogen storage systems, high-performance battery modules, and advanced power electronics.  

 Viritech’s USP is that it provides the first powertrain that can virtually eliminate the weight penalty of a zero-emission vehicle. On a truck, the Viritech powertrain is only 200kg-300kg heavier than a diesel equivalent, and is five tonnes lighter than an equivalent battery electric vehicle.  


Project Highlights

  • Viritech is developing a prototype 40 tonne Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) powertrain that will be demonstrated at Cenex Expo 2024.  
  • Increased Technology Readiness Level from 4 to 5 during the programme.  

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