Technology Developer Accelerator Programme

Helping to Accelerate SME Innovations to Market

What is TDAP?

The Technology Developer Accelerator Programme, often shortened to TDAP, was created to provide support to UK SMEs helping to accelerate their low carbon technologies to the point of commercialisation. We recognise the UK has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in its SMEs, which are important in building a vibrant supply chain. The TDAP initiative helps overcome the challenge for SMEs of engaging in OEM or Tier 1 development programmes.

Business development

Through TDAP we will provide financial and technical support, along with invaluable business development mentoring to help grow your SME. Our handpicked team of specialists have many years’ experience in the automotive industry, bringing both product knowledge and industry understanding, allowing them to offer you visibility to a range of key industry players.

Expressions of Interest for TDAP Wave 4 is Now Open

Interested in joining the Technology Developer Accelerator Programme? Learn more about our fourth wave of the competition and how you can apply here.
TDAP Wave 4

The programme is designed to help those with great ideas bring them to reality.

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