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Unipart Powertrain Solutions – H1perChain

Bringing together key stakeholders across the whole value stream

Through creation of a robust framework to drive cost-reductions from component to full-system level across the supply chain, alongside automated module assembly and inline testing, Hyperbat and partners target a step change in both cost and readiness for flexible series production of high-performance electric vehicle batteries for challenging applications. H1perChain outputs embody digitally enabled concurrent engineering which will deliver the speed and robustness required to achieve OEM time and cost targets. The targeted outcomes therefore increase both the UK’s long-term innovation and production capacity, extending capabilities beyond a global R&D lead to establish a manufacturing position and secure supply from a UK-sourced bill of materials.

Energy storage

Preparing the UK’s electrified supply chain capacity for the long-term

Project Highlights

  • H1perChain targets a step-change in high-performance battery cost, and readiness for flexible series production volumes.
  • Developing the UK’s long-term capabilities and supply chain in the design, build and manufacture of zero tailpipe emission vehicles
  • Aims to develop innovative battery solutions which could provide 50% more range at a 50% cost reduction
  • Total project value £11.8m, £5.8m funded through the APC

Project Consortium

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