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Scaling new heights of CVT architecture reduces CO2 emissions

This project delivers engine downsizing that can be deployed in a range of off-highway machines, delivering advantages including significant improvements in fuel consumption together with lower CO2 emissions. This improved performance is achieved, not least, through an innovative flywheel based energy storage system.

Engine downsizing is the bigger picture for off-highway machines

Project Highlights

  • Led from Caterpillar’s Wolverhampton facility and will involve consortium partners UK facilities in Peterborough, Desford, Silverstone and Hatfield Hertfordshire.
  • Scaling Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), typically utilised in larger off-highway machines to the smaller machines greatly improves efficiency
  • Coupled with an Energy Storage System (EES) these improvements will enable improved performance.
  • This innovative approach enables engine downsizing, offering significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and importantly, reduces cost of ownership
  • Includes a low-cost flywheel into the highly integrated drivetrain, developed by Punch Flybrid, UK
  • Total project value £8.2 million, with half funded through the APC

Project Consortium

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