Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)

Stalcom Automotive Technologies Ltd

New lightweight structure solutions to OEMs

Powderbond joins aluminium with affordable, high performance, continuous-fibre (CF) polypropylene (PP) composites, with great potential weight savings, while Flex-Tech allows the rapid development of lightweight aluminium spaceframes with high strength, mechanically interlocked extrusion based joint ‘nodes’.

Lightweight Vehicle and Powertrain Structure

Strong bonds for lightweighting – Project highlights

  • Developing innovative design and assembly techniques for mixed material lightweight structures
  • Aims to reduce vehicle weight, plus increase adoption of recyclable and sustainable materials
  • While also reducing the cost of market entry for lightweight vehicles
  • Incremental benefits will be improved fuel economy and CO2 reduction
  • Project focuses on ‘Powderbond’ joining for assembly of thermoplastic composites to aluminium and ‘Flex-Tech’ aluminium extrusions with interlock joining and self-fixturing for assembly of spaceframe structures

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