Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)

Silver Power Systems

Greater insight into multiple vehicle systems

An innovative communications and analytics platform allowing data collection and monitoring from EV sub systems that will further enhance the UK’s leadership in the commercialisation of EV technologies.

Data driven innovation – Project highlights

  • Silver Power Systems received funding through the Technology Developer Accelerator Programme to develop a high speed, multi-protocol Electric Vehicle (EV) battery data analysis tool (MODev) to diagnose and optimise performance on multiple vehicle and battery types
  • A single display either local to the vehicle for test drive purposes, or centrally on a remote server for analysis of data from multiple vehicles
  • Goal of enhanced data collection and monitoring from Electric Vehicle (EV) sub systems
  • Improves off-vehicle data visualisation for diagnostic and operational purposes
  • Reduces vehicle development cost for EV developers and testers
  • Other applications include specialised and niche vehicles monitoring, and EV fleet management – routing and charging optimisation through real time knowledge of battery state

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