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REE – REEcorner™

Next-Generation EV platforms

The project will develop and manufacture a scalable and cost-effective approach for the assembly technology of REEcorners™ for use in in electric and autonomous vehicles such as e-LCVs and Mobility-as-a-Service Applications at REE’s UK Engineering Centre of Excellence at the Mira Technology Park in the Midlands, UK. 

Electric machines

Project highlights

  • Development of REEcorner™ technology, which packs critical vehicle components into a single compact module. 
  • Steering, braking, suspension, powertrain and control are packed into the module, located between the chassis and wheel. 
  • Design allows for fully flat, ultra-modular EV platforms, providing  more capacity for cargo, passengers and batteries. 
  • REE’s ambition is to create a platform that allows automotive manufacturers, OEMs, delivery and logistic companies and new mobility tech companies to design virtually any size or shape of EV. 
  • Project will facilitate commercial production of REE’s ground-breaking technology. 
  • Project is led by REE from their engineering centre at the Mira Technology Park in Nuneaton. 
  • Total project value £42.1 million, with £12.5 million funded through the APC. 


Project consortium

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