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OX Delivers – CLEAN

UK-manufactured truck for the global market 

OX Delivers has developed the purpose-designed 3.5-tonne OX truck and a unique Electric PAYG business model which is currently being piloted in Rwanda. By eliminating up-front capital required for a truck and enabling payment of only “what you need, when you need it”, a vast addressable market has opened up.   

This project develops the technology to exploit this business opportunity by delivering two fundamental enablers; advanced, affordable EV technology and a digital ecosystem to optimise operating costs and minimising capital expenditure.  


Clean logistics for emerging African nations 

Project highlights 

  • Optimisation of the electric OX truck for use in its pay-as-you-go transport business model 
  • Creation of energy-dense, long-life, lower-cost batteries 
  • Development of a lightweight, resilient structure for the OX  
  • Combining a real-world performance monitoring vehicle with off-board digital twins, automated testing and manufacturing systems  
  • Acceleration of design change implementation process and rapid replication  
  • The first UK electric drive unit manufacturing facility   
  • Total project value £17.2 million, with £8.5 million funded through the APC   

Project consortium 

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