Collaborative R&D Competitions

JLR – ExCEED – Excellence in Conceptual Evolution of Electric Drives 

Aimed at developing a next-generation Electric Drive Unit (EDU) ‘toolkit’ – a modular family of machines, inverters and transmissions for future JLR vehicles.    

The aim of the ExCEED project is to develop a cutting-edge toolkit for Electric Drive Units (EDUs). This toolkit will consist of a modular family of machines, inverters, and transmissions, enabling JLR to produce high annual volumes for future vehicles. These EDUs will power both the front and rear axles of all-wheel-drive vehicles across three different JLR platforms. The project will leverage innovative technologies to achieve best-in-class attributes, such as advanced software solutions integrating circular economy principles, machine-learning design optimisation, and novel composite materials for improved performance and sustainability. 

Key highlights   

  • Aiming to streamline production and enhance supply chain efficiency. 
  • Through strategic collaboration with industry partners and academic institutions, the project will generate significant sourcing opportunities in the UK, fostering job growth and economic development.   
  • The consortium’s collective expertise will ensure the successful development and validation of the entire EDU family, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in electric propulsion technology.   
  • Total project value £19.8 million, £9.9 million funded by the Department for Business and Trade through the APC. 

Project consortium 

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