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Jaguar Land Rover – Zeus  

Driving UK Fuel Cell Vehicle Design and Manufacture

Working with world-class research and industry partners, the project – lead by Jaguar Land Rover – will deliver a benchmark, zero-emissions premium Fuel Cell SUV concept. Successful execution of the project will result in significant opportunities for UK production sourcing to sustain and drive new jobs growth in the UK during the critical transition period from conventional internal combustion engines to electrified powertrains.   The project will also drive significant growth in FCEV design and manufacturing capability within the partnership and will provide the consortium partners with a competitive edge to create UK intellectual property; a strong UK supply chain; and downstream exploitation opportunities in adjacent fields.

Cutting-edge electrified propulsion

Project Highlights 

  • Development of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle.
  • Meeting Jaguar Land Rover attributes such as long range, quick refill, towing, off road capabilities and low temperature performance. 
  • Includes the development of a class-leading high performance battery.   
  • Utilising unique cooling system and heat exchanger design from Marelli Automotive Systems.   
  • Total project value £17.6 million, with £8.7 million funded through the APC.

Project Consortium 

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