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Jaguar Land Rover – Transcend

Developing lightweight, hybridised Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) for on and off road applications

The project applied advance technologies, unique mechanical solutions, advanced control systems and novel manufacturing techniques to develop an integrated transmission system. All partners on the project benefited from high levels of upskilling, cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge transfer. These have been applied to progressive product developments within their specialised areas and have subsequently enabled acceleration of technologies utilised across the vehicle electrification industry.

Transcend: Transmission Supply Chain Excellence for Next Generation Dual-Clutch Technologies

Project Highlights

  • An innovative development project led by Jaguar Land Rover, during which the collaboration developed a new transmission based around an ultra-wide ratio, dual clutch architecture. The transmission also benefited from an integrated hybrid e-drive unit.
  • JLR and DSD collaborated on the full transmission system mechanics, hardware, software and controls development. This included the integration of the electric machine, clutch systems, all-wheel drive torque distribution, test and validation – in both virtual and physical domains.
  • Productiv and HVM Catapults AFRC and AMRC formed a unique sub collaboration on developing both the manufacturing processes required and the supply chain potential to ensure viability of transmission production.
  • The transmission system is designed to improve fuel economy, through the use of novel lightweight structures and materials and hybridisation.
  • The transmission system provides a major sub-system of an electrified powertrain to enable improved fuel economy, through the use of novel lightweight structures, materials and hybridisation.
  • Total project value £19.5 million, with £9.7 million funded through the APC

Project Consortium

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