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Jaguar Land Rover – Hi-VIBES  

Growing the UK Automotive Electronics Industry

The Hi-VIBES project will deliver pioneering power electronics which will support the growing number of electrified products across the Jaguar Land Rover range.  Working with academics from the University of Nottingham and industry partners Lyra Electronics, OSI Electronics UK and RAM Innovations, the project will create a fully integrated power electronics system that will be used for all future Jaguar Land Rover Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). The system design will enable significant cost, weight and package benefits.  The Hi-VIBES project will bring significant opportunities for industrial investment and development within the supply chain in the UK.

High Voltage Integrated Battery Power-Electronics System

Project Highlights 

  • Development of an integrated control unit to control future BEV traction batteries 
  • Offer significant weight saving from current industry distributed solutions 
  • Introduce innovative features such as 2 way charging (vehicle to grid)  
  • Utilising Lyra Electronics and Nottingham University cutting edge power electronics design and analysis solutions working alongside developing RAM Innovations and OSI Electronics UK capabilities to serve the automotive market covering PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and full product assembly.   
  • Total project value £15.2 million, with £7.5 million funded through the APC

Project Consortium 

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